Reference: C11-WMF-11-03a

Final Report on a Pilot Project for an Energy Trade Data Reporting Scheme

The project was carried out over a period of six months from July 2010 to January 2011. The work was completed in May 2011 by producing final report. The pilot project sets out to achieve a series of objectives: Firstly the demonstration of the feasibility of an efficient, cost effective, comprehensive and standardised collection, storage and monitoring scheme for energy trade data; secondly concept development providing representative examples of statistical analysis of trade data; thirdly concept development providing trade data analysis in order to identify potential market abuse; and fourthly recommendations for a future European trade data reporting and monitoring scheme. The geographical scope of the project was limited to the region of Central Western Europe (including Austria). With respect to trading venues and products, (historical) trading data was retrieved from a representative sample of brokers, traders and energy exchanges.