Work Programme
Reference: C15-SC-32-05

Implementing the 2020 Vision for Europe’s Energy Customers – CEER Action Plan 2015-2017

This document (C15-SC-32-05) is an update of the CEER 3-year rolling action plan (Contributing to a 2020 Vision for Europe’s energy customers), which was originally published together with the 2020 Vision for Europe’s energy customers in November 2012. In its first 3-year rolling action plan, CEER set some areas of work to focus on during the 3 years following the publication of the 2020 Vision, in order to promote it. The present document provides an overview of the work carried out so far and establishes CEER’s priorities of work for the next 3 years. Some important developments have taken place since 2012. This document summarises CEER’s customer-related work and also takes into account regulators’ proposals in the ACER “A Bridge to 2025: Conclusions Paper”.