Reference: E10-CEM-36-03

Status Review of the Implementation of EC Good Practice Guidance for Billing

Following the presentation by the European Commission of its Good Practice Guidance for Billing at the 2nd London Forum in 2009, the Forum asked ERGEG “to provide a short monitoring report at the next Forum on the progress towards the implementation of the Working Group’s recommendations”.

This Status Review evaluates, as far as possible, the level of implementation of the Guidance within ERGEG member and observer countries. The Guidance (and the present Status Review) covers paper bills for household customers which refer to calculations of amount to pay related to consumption, either actual or estimated (regular bills – monthly, bimonthly and quarterly – as well as annual reconciliation bills). Furthermore, the report presents the status quo of energy billing requirements as well as the different approaches countries may have chosen to provide requirements and guidelines on billing form, content and design.